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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life is beautiful

Today was a gorgeous day! The weather was nearly 80 degrees, the sun was shining, and the birds were flying and chirping and enjoying Spring. One bird must have especially loved our chaotic yard and loud kids.. or at least loved our rosebush because it picked that bush to make her nest in. The kids are amazed by it and honestly it makes me pretty excited too. I mean, there will be new life in the nest soon and we will get to see it all happening just by looking out the window. This picture does it no justice.. it's nearly 9pm and starting to get dark but I ran out to get a photo so you could see all three little eggs!

Isn't that exciting? New life... happening in our yard. My kids will get to experience it and see how life is going to come from those little eggs hatching and how that mama is going to be there to protect & provide (wormies) for her babies. They keep wanting to look inside, and we let them look but not touch. Thankful my dog isn't bothering it either (It isn't up very high). This is the first year since we have lived here that we have had a nest. Exciting right? I guess I am easily amused ;)

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