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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Isn't it funny..

Isn't it funny how when we do or don't do certain things we think it is the end of the world? I know for one that if I don't get my housework, errands, etc done when I plan to & I miss one of my shows for example, I feel defeated, disappointed, and like I missed something BIG. ( I don't have TIVO) How silly to think these things or feel this way. Looking back, or even typing about it right now sounds so trivial and mundane. I was reminded of how big of a deal we make things out to be yesterday when I told my daughter that her TV, computer and Ipod privileges were gone for today for her misbehavior's. She had a meltdown and then some over this. I generally have a VERY hard time sticking to my guns about things like this but my husband reminded me before he left for work that I need to toughen up & follow through on my threats. Well, I did it.. and I couldn't be happier about it. Not only did we have a GREAT evening with little to no arguing (that in and of itself is awesome) but we played outside, we took a walk, we ate dinner & snacks together, laughed and talked and all this without technology... who woulda thought! My daughter even said to me (and I quote) "can you please ground me from TV again tomorrow, mom? I had a great day spending time as a family." Love it! This mom will stick to her guns more often... or at least try!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm a little nuts sometimes but I know it...

Disclaimer: ** I am not writing this blog to be perfect or grammatically correct (altho I do fret over that as well lol) but just to get some things out, so not particularly worried about mistakes :)  Thanks!

Being me isn't always easy.... not because I live such a difficult life but more so because I always make things more difficult than they need to be. However, I do know that I do it... yet I continue to do it everyday.. (or at least most days!) "Normal" people don't obsess over every ridiculous detail like I do.. for example: I have a routine and I feel like I am a complete failure when I don't get it completed in a relatively timely fashion or when I detour from the norm. Everything from the right mix of healthy & junk food in Madison's lunch box.. to washing the sheets every.single.week for fear of who knows what...to having to vacuum AT LEAST once a day.. and usually twice b/c I detest dog hair... (and let me tell you.. even doing it twice a day..holy dog hair batman! ) The list goes on & on & on I assure you (and I know my hubby will attest to it) lol. I also wash my hands excessively... which in addition to the cold is making me dread winter. Washing them SO much and winter is a terrible combo for cracked, dry & bleeding hands. I can't wait! (sarcasm) SO, what I am trying to say is.. I'm a crazy, over protective, over achieving, loving, caring, obsessive compulsive, adorable pain in the butt and I won't be changing anytime soon. Love me or leave me.. but I am pretty sure I am a good person to have in your corner. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day Back to School

 Being a mom is alot of work, but I enjoy every minute of it! Don't get me wrong, some days I want to pull my hair out cry, scream, kick, and throw fits (much like my children) but I have no doubt that being a mom is my life's calling. My daughter had her first day back to school today. Officially a 3rd grader now! Oye Vey!! Seems like just yesterday she was getting on the bus for her half day Kindergarten. Time sure does fly.. and I am aging (& feeling it) to prove it! I was not ready for her to go back. I love having my kids at home with me. When they are with me they are safe, taken care of, fed well, and insert any other thing us as moms feel we do best here. It is so hard to step back and give them their independence when we have been there and want to make things as easy as possible for them. This is where I struggle the most. I have awful anxiety and when it comes to my kids you can multiply that by ten easy! Getting Madison ready to start the school year I made sure she had new clothes in the latest fashions, new supplies that were of course pink.. (is there any other color?!?) , her new hair cut, new flashing sketchers ( a necessity right?), and you name it. The thing is, we can do and/or give our children anything they want but the fact remains we can't go with them, make them someone they are not, do everything for them or even try to. We need to equip them with the tools to go out and be the best "he/she" they can be. I am trying but as a parent I fail as much as I succeed. I am hoping and praying for a year of happiness, success and fun!