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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm a little nuts sometimes but I know it...

Disclaimer: ** I am not writing this blog to be perfect or grammatically correct (altho I do fret over that as well lol) but just to get some things out, so not particularly worried about mistakes :)  Thanks!

Being me isn't always easy.... not because I live such a difficult life but more so because I always make things more difficult than they need to be. However, I do know that I do it... yet I continue to do it everyday.. (or at least most days!) "Normal" people don't obsess over every ridiculous detail like I do.. for example: I have a routine and I feel like I am a complete failure when I don't get it completed in a relatively timely fashion or when I detour from the norm. Everything from the right mix of healthy & junk food in Madison's lunch box.. to washing the sheets every.single.week for fear of who knows what...to having to vacuum AT LEAST once a day.. and usually twice b/c I detest dog hair... (and let me tell you.. even doing it twice a day..holy dog hair batman! ) The list goes on & on & on I assure you (and I know my hubby will attest to it) lol. I also wash my hands excessively... which in addition to the cold is making me dread winter. Washing them SO much and winter is a terrible combo for cracked, dry & bleeding hands. I can't wait! (sarcasm) SO, what I am trying to say is.. I'm a crazy, over protective, over achieving, loving, caring, obsessive compulsive, adorable pain in the butt and I won't be changing anytime soon. Love me or leave me.. but I am pretty sure I am a good person to have in your corner. :)

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  1. Nicely said. The addiction of washing ur hands is sharefd with myself. I think We can safely day where We Picked it up from. I may yet this Blog think. It seems fun and the therapy is a bonus!


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