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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Isn't it funny..

Isn't it funny how when we do or don't do certain things we think it is the end of the world? I know for one that if I don't get my housework, errands, etc done when I plan to & I miss one of my shows for example, I feel defeated, disappointed, and like I missed something BIG. ( I don't have TIVO) How silly to think these things or feel this way. Looking back, or even typing about it right now sounds so trivial and mundane. I was reminded of how big of a deal we make things out to be yesterday when I told my daughter that her TV, computer and Ipod privileges were gone for today for her misbehavior's. She had a meltdown and then some over this. I generally have a VERY hard time sticking to my guns about things like this but my husband reminded me before he left for work that I need to toughen up & follow through on my threats. Well, I did it.. and I couldn't be happier about it. Not only did we have a GREAT evening with little to no arguing (that in and of itself is awesome) but we played outside, we took a walk, we ate dinner & snacks together, laughed and talked and all this without technology... who woulda thought! My daughter even said to me (and I quote) "can you please ground me from TV again tomorrow, mom? I had a great day spending time as a family." Love it! This mom will stick to her guns more often... or at least try!

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