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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Honestly... it could be worse.

Ya know, This last week or so of my life has seemed like the end of the world, but honestly...it could be worse! It can always be worse. Our pipes under the crawl space busted... it was NOT by any means fun and it smelled ohhhhh soooo lovely! Not! I had smelled a smell that I described as "outhouse" but my hubby said it was my imagination. Ummmmm nooooooooooooo. This is me! Your wife.. the one you call "hyper sensitive nose". I know my scents! (Even the kids smelled it thank you!) So.. after my complaining, nagging, and tantrums (not really.. per say.. LOL) he finally decided that the smell was the utility tub b/c it is old and nasty and he could smell a scent by it... ok.. we busted it out. That wasn't a pain or anything.. :/ Then after busting out the concrete and buying a new utility tub and hooking it up.. dun dun dun... smell still present badly! Ya think!? So, then he thinks the crawl space got wet from downspouts to close to the house so we go spend another $40 on Damp Rid buckets to put under the house. He goes under there to put them in and comes out looking more angry than I have ever seen him and told me the pipes from the bathroom were draining, not into one another but, just right under the house. You have got to be kidding me!!!??? It was a not so fun process while he fixed the pipes and his favorite sweatshirt into the garbage later but hey at least the pipes were fixed right!? Not right. Holy cow was the smell overwhelming now that he had opened the crawl. I truly thought someone had died under there. Anyway... the smell is better now (thank you Rapid Recovery dudes) and I hope we NEVER EVER have to deal with that mess ever again. The highlight of this event? My hubby told me "you were right, and I learned I should probably listen to my wife". Love it!!! LOL. As much of an adventure all of this has been (a not so great one at that) I realize that other people have dealt with bigger issues and it can always be worse.

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