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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holy Hiatus... yep.. Outta the blogging loop

Where did time go?! Definitely escaped me!! Got so caught up in trying to enjoy what felt like the.shortest.summer.ever!!!! Anyone else feel that way? Man alive, it's fall time weather around these parts every morning and I am already freeeeeezing. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complainin. I love me some sweatshirt and pumpkin spice latte weather more than your average gal, but Fall came quick yo!!! OK, so yeah. We camped, we fished, we played, we baked, we swam, we BBQ'ed, we biked.... we enjoyed our *super short* summer! I do miss it already. *tear* However, onto bigger things. Much bigger. How much you ask? My baby started fourth grade. Let me try that again.. MY BABY STARTED 4TH GRADE!!!! Yep, that is better. Honestly... I feel weathered and aged.. but old enough for MY child to be nearing her end of elementary school? Not so much. It kills me. My heart aches for that once small toddling little bundle to be back in my arms wanting to spend all her moments with mom and thinking everything I said was true and right. Not anymore! It's happening! Where she wants to be with her friends more than she does with me.. and everything I dare say is wrong or at best "not what so and so said". Ughhhh! I struggle between aggravation and happiness that she is growing and forming her own opinions, ideas, friendships and the like. We hear all the time when we are young how quick the years go by and at those young ages you think people are crazy and that time drags so slow. Wrong. So so wrong. I am living it in fast forward at my age and I want a rewind behind.. a pause button.. stop button. Do you see where I am going with this?! Help! I just want to savor every single moment. They pass so quickly and in hindsight I have not had enough time to revel in them. I want to start over! Make all the right choices, have all the answers, make the scrapbook that I wish I could refer back to.. update the baby book a little bit more..take more pictures.. more vacations to make memories... OK, I digress. But you get it don't you? I need to and plan to slow down.. take more time to say "YES" and "lets do i"t and a whole lot less.. "No" and "when I have time's." Challenge accepted! I'll keep ya posted. I have some cartoons to watch with little dude.. "yes"! <3

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