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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lord, have mercy on my soul!!

My baby girl is finishing 3rd grade tomorrow! Be still my heart!  Also, she is turning 9 in just a few short days. She is halfway to an adult! Even less than that until she can begin driving. I just do not understand how & why these days are flying by. The past 9 years have happened over night and I don't want to go to bed anymore people!!! I fear that when I wake another 9 will have passed as well! My heart can't take this. She is a little lady and independent and outgrowing needing her mommy. I miss the days where she wanted me to lay with her and needed a night light and the days where she valued my opinion instead of telling me how "wrong" I am. My baby girl, my sweet bird, is turning into a beautiful, silly, moody, young lady right before my very eyes! Birthday parties will be had this weekend, Happy Birthdays will be sung, cupcakes will be eatin & a few (private) tears may be shed. I love this girl. Heart & Soul. Updates after the parties coming next week!! Try to contain yourselves! ;)


  1. Yeah, it is crazy how fast they grow. I can't believe that Reilly is 10 already! And,let me tell you one thing, if the teens are worst than the tweens I just don't want her to grow up. :) Have fun partying this weekend! Eat some cupcakes for me!

    1. It truly is , Wendy! You are so right! I don;t think I will be able to make it hrough the teen years with the way tings are going alreay!! Were we like this at their age? I hope not! Sass is like a new sport and man alive are they good at it!!! As for the cupcake... I assure you I ate more than one for you! ;p


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