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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Vacation: The Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

We had a wonderful family vacation over Easter. It was relaxing and a nice change of scenery to say the least. So beautiful to be in the mountains and see all that God created, and especially at such a time as Easter. Easter is supposed to be a time to recognize that Jesus rose from the dead and that He promised that just by believing in him we would have an eternal life with him as a result. On our trip we had a great time dressing up the kids for pictures, going out to family brunch, taking a long drive through the scenic mountains, relaxing around the cabin as a family, watching the kids play, dyeing Easter eggs and of course the fun Easter baskets the kids opened from the Easter bunny and ending the day with a kid centered Easter egg huntIt was a fun time and at moments I found myself lost in the festivities that I forgot to keep Christ as the center of the day. At bedtime, I simply prayed (as we always do before bed) but I added a sincere thank you for his sacrifice he made me for and for my family and for moments of forgetting. If I was faced with what he was faced with... I know hands down that I would walk the other way. It was a selfless act, one that none of us could do on a good day in our Christian walk. It was a great relaxing vacation, and it felt so good being able to look around and know what a beautiful world we are blessed to be a part of everyday.  I mean, how can you look at this world and all of it's infinite beauty and not believe? It is just something I can't fathom.

Anyway, it was our first far away family vacation adventure, and it was a successful one. I can't wait for more opportunities like this. (I even welcome the drive!! Believe that? lol. It was relaxing (most the time) and of course to see all the beauty beside the open road.)

Thank you Lord, for vacations, family, the gift of life eternal, and for all the fluffy stuff (like Marshmallows, peeps, chocolate, egg hunts and the like over Easter vacation).

Hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating Easter!

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