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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting antsy!!

A few posts ago I talked about how nervous I was about our upcoming (as in two days away!!!) vacation. Well, I think I am actually feeling excited to go! I of course have made my list (ok, ok I made multiple lists) and have checked off many things already and will complete the packing and checking off tomorrow. We will be ready and revving to go at about 4 in the morn Friday. If all goes well we will have completed our first successful long trip adventure as a family by 4 pm. *Fingers crossed*

It has been an eventful few days (cluster headaches, a sick baby girl, hubby's crazy work hours, etc) and as a result I have had my extreme moments of stress, but this is a much needed long weekend away for all of us and it is so sweet to see how excited my hubby is to get into the mountains. Cute FYI: My three year old plugs his nose when we talk about "The Smoky Mountains" (we are going to the North Carolina side) and says he doesn't want to go because he doesn't like smoke. Hahahaha. Too funny!! I told the hubs and the DD we need to call them the cloudy mountains instead for now. LOL. I adore the way kids think. I need to write that in his baby book too! [remind me!]

So anyway, we are making awesome progress on the packing front and getting all psyched up to go. I will make sure and take lots of pictures to update the old blog when we get back. Hope all of you who read this have a very happy and blessed Easter and remember Our Lord and Savior on this extremely special holiday!

Later y'all!

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