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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I didn't, but I thought about it.

Yep... this morning we were running a few minutes late to get Madison off to school. Seems she likes to forget until literally the last stinkin minute that it is Wacky Wednesday today at school. Well, at least she remembered before we were in  the car or already at school like past spirit days. LOL. So we quickly find her something mismatched and kooky to wear,  throw on an unmatching barrette and headband to  go with not go with said outfit, and head out. Regardless, she looked the part (and cute as always in my humble opinion, but no picture to share b/c we were running late, remember?)

Wouldn't ya just know it that because we are already running late a lady flags me down and I roll down my window and she tells me her car stalled and can I "please give her a jump so she can get her daughter to school". UGGGGHHHHHHH I am already running late lady!!!! (yes, sadly this is what went through my head). I can't even blame it on anything else except selfishness because she really was non threatening in every way and I could see her daughter sitting in the backseat. Sooo, I turn my car around to face hers, pop the hood, we hook up the cables and it literally starts right up. TWO stinkin lousy minutes of my morning to help someone in need and I was in a huff over it? Really? Reality check for me. I mean, wouldn't I hope that someone would stop and help me if I was taking Madison to school and my car stalled? The answer is yes.

 My lesson from all this is simple. God had different plans for me. It was open your heart and do what he would do for anyone of us, (and then feel like a total jerk for letting those thoughts of saying "No" so that I could get my kid to school on time escape from my brain).  I am glad that I did it, even if for no other reason than guilt. If I could go back I would wipe those ridiculous "No" thoughts from my head and start over with a happy more positive attitude/outlook. Plus, Madison told me after we were done and driving to school that she wasn't worried about being late because "it was the right thing to do, mom". *sigh* Yeah, it was.. even my 8 year old knew that (which must mean I am doing something right, right?).

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