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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warm days warm my heart

Ohhh my is today going to be a nice day for March! I mean 70 degrees in March? Really? I do not recall this month ever being this warm.. course my memory isnt what it used to be, lol. Anyway, moving along.. yesterday was a beautiful day as well.. 62 degrees-ish I do believe. It sure did warm my heart! I played out in our florida room with James while I drank my morning coffee. It was so blissful watching him play with the kitchen set and entertain himself. We did a puzzle together and it quickly reminded me how fast my sweet boy is growing up. I mean my daugher was his age yesterday and now she is going to be 9. NINE!? Yeah! That's a blog for another day. Where were we? Oh yes, that enjoyable florida room play w/ little man. Uh-mazing way to start off my morning and a dose of goodness to my soul. It only got better from there. We took a nice leisurely stroll (bike ride for little man) corner to corner and then had an easy pizza lunch. After my sweet bird (thats what we lovingly call her) got home from school, we all got in some more exercise going around the block together (them again on bike & hubby & I hand in hand.. just the way I like it!) We grilled some steaks, cut them into strips and I sauteed some green&yellow peppers & onions and made some rice and then we rolled it up into wraps fajita style. Freaking delish! Hubby & I watched the kids play together awhile before deciding we needed to take a drive, windows down soaking in that fabulous air, and get ourselves a coffee from good old Tim Hortons. I seriously think they need to open one on my street corner..just sayin. So, yesterday being such a nice relaxing day I am welcoming today with open arms and looking forward to the warm day & if all goes well.. a warm heart again! :) Enjoy your day & I hope it finds you in good spirits and warms your heart!

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